Chandrapur ITI

Chandrapur ITI


C/o Govt. Tech. High School, Chandrapur - 442 401

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(07172) 252417, 9309539329

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Welcome to ITI Chandrapur

A dream comes true

a dream of social commitment and responsibility. I look forward for the great development of technology and the ways by which the new generation obtains it. I will be delighted to see my endeavour enhances in moulding the students with modern education without losing the true love towards the nation and its culture.
Our goal is to equip students to think innovatively and to be creative throughout their life. We encourge them to have an international outlook with the modern perspectives of education and the changes in the world around us.

With regards
Anant Somkuwar
DVETO, Chandrapur

Our Campus

Land Available:  9 Acres

Constructed Space:  31405.71 Sq.Ft.

Administrative Building:  15405.71 Sq. Ft.

Workshop:  15405.71 Sq. Ft.

Theory Building:  16000 Sq.Ft.

Hostel Building

Intake Capacity Of Hostel 300 Students.
Hostel Is Well Equipped With Furniture & Having 30No. Of Rooms.

Courses Available
Sr.No.Name of TradeDurationUnitsIntake CapacityAffilation No. & Date
1SEWING TECHNOLOGY1 Yr242DGET 12/1/96-TC dt 22/02/96
DGET-12/1/1998-TC dt 14/08/98
2COPA1 Yr242DGET-6/3/98-TC dt 18/07/98
DGET-22/1/2000-TC dt 7/7/2000
3STENO1 Yr252DGET-12/1/96-TC dt 22/2/96
DGET-12/1/02-TC dt 3/7/02
4Tractor Mech1 Yr242DGET-12/1/96-TC dt 22/2/96
DGET-12/1/01-TC dt 14/12/01
5Mech. Diesel1 Yr242DGET-12/01/10-TC dt 15/06/10
DGET-12/1/2000-TC dt 7/7/2000
6Mason1 Yr242DGET-12/01/10-TC dt 15/06/10
DGET-12/1/2000-TC dt 7/7/2000
7Welder1 Yr363DGET-12/1/96-TC DT 22/296
DGET-12/1/10-TC dt 15/7/10
DGET-12/1/14-TC dt 15/5/14
8Carpenter1 Yr252DGET-12/1/96-TC dt 22/2/96
DGET-12/1/2000-TC dt 7/7/2000
9POCM1 Yr242DGET-12/02/97-TC dt 16/10/97
DGET-12/1/98-TC dt 14/8/98
10MAEE1 Yr121DGET-12/01/09-TC dt 26/6/09
11Fitter2 Yr242DGET 12/1/96-TC dt 22/02/96
DGET-12/1/1996-TC dt 22/2/96
12Electrician2 Yr242DGET-12/1/96-TC dt 22/02/96
DGET-12/1/10-TC dt 15/7/10
13Electronics Mech2 Yr126DGET-12/1/10-TC dt 15/07/10
14Turner2 Yr232DGET 12/1/96-TC dt 22/02/96
DGET-12/1/1996-TC dt 22/2/96
15Mech. Motor Vehicle2 Yr121DGET-12/1/02-TC dt 03/07/02
16Machinist2 Yr232DGET-12/1/10-TC dt 15/07/10
DGET-12/1/10-TC dt 15/07/10
17Wireman2 Yr121DGET-12/1/10-TC dt 15/07/10
18OAMT2 Yr116DGET-12/1/14-TC dt 15/05/14
19ICTSM2 Yr126DGET-12/1/10-TC dt 30/07/10
20RAC2 Yr126DGET-12/1/99-TC dt 25/06/99
21Painter (G)2 Yr121DGET-06/03/98-TC dt 16/07/98
22MMTM2 Yr121DGET-12/1/2000-TC dt 07/07/2000