Historical Development

The Department of Technical Education was established in 1948 to bring various activities pertaining of Technical Education & all levels, under one roof. This Department was made responsible to administer & control various activities pertaining to Engineering Colleges, Technological Institutes, Polytechnics, Industrial Training Institutes, Industrial School, Technical School, Government Industrial Training Workshops & other Certificate Courses concerned with Vocational & Technical Training. In addtion to this, the responsibility of Post Graduate Courses & Research was also shouldered by this Department.


Since the last four decades the activities of various programmes under the Directorate of Technical Education have increased tremendously & in order to meet the skilled manpower requirement, the training activities have been increased by way of Starting new Government as well as Private institutes in the Maharashtra. In order to have a smooth functioning of these activities the Directorate of Technical Education is bifurcated in two separate Directorates namely


1. Directorate of Technical Education,
2. Directorate of Vocational Education & Training


The administrative responsilbilities in respect of Craftsman Training Scheme ( Industrial Training Institutes), Government Industrial Training Workshops, Vocationalization of Education at +2 stage, Technical Education at Secondary level & Certificate & allied Vocational Courses are entrusted with the Directorate of Vocational Education & Training.

Directorate Of Vocational Education & Training ( DVET ) has been established in 1984 to organize & co-operate Technical Education activities at all levels.


The activities of the Direcotrate of Vocational Education & Training cover :

1. Pre-Vocational Education the Secondary level,
2. Vocational Courses at +2 stage
a. Bifocal Vocational Courses
b. H.S.C. Vocational Courses
3. Certificate courses of Maharashtra State Board of Vocational Examination,
4. Craftsman Training Courses,
5. Apprenticeship Courses under the Apprentices Act, 1961,
6. Government Technical High School / Center cum Industrial Schools,
7. Part – Time classes for Industrial Work,
8. Advanced Vocational Training Scheme


Vocational Courses at +2 stage under centrally sponsored Scheme has been introduced in the state since 1988-89. Now number of Institutes running these courses are increased & to have smooth function & control of this schemes, two separate posts of Directors have been created from March 1998 as
1. Director of Vocational Training,
2. Director of Vocational Education


At State Government Level, all these schemes were monitored by Department of Higher & Technical Education. Now these schemes are monitered by Department of Skill Development & Enterpreneurship.

At Central Government Level, these schemes under Director, Training are monitored by Ministry of Labour & Employment, DGT, New Delhi. Whereas schemes under Director, Vocational Education are monitored by Ministry of Human Resource Department, New Delhi.


The activities of the Directors are as under :
1. Director of Training

1. Craftsman Training Scheme,
2. Apprenticeship Training Scheme
3. Advanced Vocational Training Scheme,
4. Evening Classes for Industrial Workers,
5. All subjects related to training,
a. Lokseva Kendra Yojana
b. Magel Tyala Vyavasay Prashikshan
c. Artizen to Techno-Crat
d. Center of Excellence
e. Generalization of Vocational Education & Training for Scheduled Tribe candidates in the Tribal Areas
f. Production Oriented Scheme
g. MES Scheme


1. Director of Vocational Education

1. Pre – Vocational Educatin at Secondary levels,
2. Vocational Courses at +2 stage
a. Bifocal Vocational Courses,
b. H.S.C. Vocational Courses
3. Certificate Courses of Maharashtra State Examination Board of Vocational Examination,
4. Employment & Self – Employment Scheme,
5. All subjects related to Vocational Education


With reference to Government Resolution No. व्यशिअ -२०१६/(७७/१६)व्यशि-१, Dt. 23/06/2016, Only one post of Director is in place. Now Directorate of Vocational Education & Training has one post of Director, named as Director, Vocational Education & Training.

Since 1984, following Honourable Directors have given their valuable contribution for the effective implementation of Vocational Education & Training Schemes :

Shri. K. M. Gedam
Shri. A. D. Jadhav
Shri. V. D. Deshmukh
Shri. J. D. Bhutange
Shri. V. K. Gautam, IAS
Shri. R. G. Jadhav
Shri. P. A. Naik
Shri. Vijay Waghmare, IAS
Shri. Dayanand Meshram
Shri. S. M. Hastye