World Bank Project

To improve the employment outcomes for graduates from the vocational training system by making the design and delivery of training more demand responsive.
To achieve the above goal, Hon. Union Finance Minister in his budget speech of 2004-05 proposed to launch a program to upgrade 500 ITIs over the next 5 year @ 100 ITIs/year.
To produce high quality craftsmen from publicly funded ITIs.
To enhance knowledge and skills of ITI instructors and trainers.
To Promote innovations.
To bring about systemic reforms.
Major Component
To produce high quality craftsmen from publicly funded ITIs.
Promoting systemic reform and innovation
Project Management, and Monitoring and Evaluation

Institute Management Committee (IMC) is the apex decision making body.

Implementation of Central Management Information System (MIS).

75 % of total fund is provided by Center Government & State Government share yearwise. i. e. 25 %

Rs. 3.5 Crores funds for COE & Upgradation of related trade.

Rs. 2 Crores funds for only upgradation of trades.

87 institutes covered under this project.

Incentive fund is provided for the State on performance basis.

Based on the performance of ITIs on the basis of utilization of funds, affiliation of units, percentage of candidates passing out, an additional fund of Rs. 1.50 cr. per ITI is provided for upgradation of 56 ITIs covered under VTIP